Aphrodite Oil

Aphrodite Oil

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 Indulge your body in our tantalizing Aphrodite Oil. Crafted with natural aphrodisiacs this edible sweet and aromatic oil will give love making a whole new level of pleasure for you and your partner.

 Ingredient Benefits:

Cinnamon| promotes blood flow to the male and female genitals promoting sexual arousal.

Vanilla| promotes feelings of euphoria, reducing and prevent drowsiness by uplifting the mind and body. Vanilla can increase muscular energy and improve circulation, and stimulates amorous propensities, especially in men  

Rose|help to reduce stress that may block the ability to become aroused, while also helping to increase blood flow. 

Blue Lotus| This very exotic botanical also referred to as the "party drug" of ancient Egypt has been used throughout history as a natural aphrodisiac. It can increase sexual desires and satisfaction and provides a sense of euphoria. Blue lotus can relax and calm the body enabling participants to be easily aroused.   

Peppermint| is stimulating and promotes blood flow while it can also increase concentration and alertness for sexual arousal. When applied to the skin peppermint has a cooling effect, but has the opposite effect on the blood. It  warms blood, dilating blood vessels and aiding in the supply of oxygen rich blood to a number of organs, one being the vagina.  

Maca Root| Maca root is known for it’s ability to enhance sex drive, boost fertility, and increase stamina. Maca is also beneficial in aiding menopausal discomfort, & hormonal imbalances. 

* DO NOT use Aphrodite Oil is you have estrogen sensitive conditions, maca may cause overproduction of estrogen. 


Sunflower Oil,Olive Oil ,Maca Root,Peppermint ,Vanilla Beans,Cinnamon,Rose,Blué Lotus,Damiana