Whipped Coffee Scrub

Whipped Coffee Scrub

Urthly Kreations
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Say hello to our new and improved coffee scrub! This rich and creamy scrub is crafted with shea butter, wildflower honey, and ground coffee making it ideal for aiding in fading dark marks, brightening, removing dead skin, reducing the appearance of stretch marks, and promoting rapid cell turnover.This scrub will provide your skin with the boost it needs for a fresh glowing face in the morning helping to rid the face of dark eye circles and under eye bags. Coffee is also known for its ability to treat cellulite by boosting blood flow. This in turn will help to decrease the appearance of cellulite on the skin.  Coffee can also be used to aid in the treatment of aging skin,inflammation,acne, as well as skin cancer. 


This scrub can be used as a face & body scrub no more than 1-3x per week.


Ground Coffee

Brown Sugar

Shea Butter

Sunflower Oil 

Castor Oil

Wildflower Honey



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