Liquid Gold Whipped Scrub

Liquid Gold Whipped Scrub

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Liquid gold in a jar is just what this scrub is! Our Liquid Gold Whipped Scrub is crafted with ingredients like turmeric,green tea extract,shea butter, and tea tree that work together to rapidly reduce redness, minimize breakouts,fade dark spots,even skin tone,and reduce inflammation caused by breakouts.This scrub is suitable for all skin types except oily and sensitive skin.Use this scrub no more than 2x a week to remove dead skin and excess dirt and oil.

How to use:

With sanitized hands wet your face with warm water,then apply scrub to desired area of skin. Massage scrub into skin in a circular motion for 5-10 min.Remove scrub with warm water,follow up with our Liquid Gold Mask.Store in a cool,dry place away from water.This scrub is most effective when used in the shower on wet skin.



Ingredients:Pure Cane Sugar,Ground Turmeric ,Shea Butter,Sunflower Oil,Grapeseed oil,Green Tea Extract,Wildflower Honey,Tea Tree Oil,Citronella Oil,Optiphen




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