Vinegar & Aloe Toner

Vinegar & Aloe Toner

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ACV & Aloe For the Skin |

Apple cider vinegar can be used for various things pertaining to skin such as the treatment of acne,dark spots, and inflammation. Paired with aloe vera juice this toner will aid in minimizing pores,naturally
exfoliating ,absorbing excess oil,fading dark spots, calming inflammation, and restoring + balancing the skins ph. This toner is best suited for oily and acne prone skin. Always preform a patch test before using a new skincare product. Store in a cool,dry place away from water and direct sunlight. For a cooling, fresh effect on this skin, store in the fridge before using.


With sanitized hands and clean skin apply toner to a clean cotton pad and gently wipe the skins surface to balance and restore. Optional : Use a cotton round to blot toner onto acne breakouts to calm inflammation.


Ingredients | Aloe Juice,ACV,Distilled Water

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